A man’s made by patience and the odds against him.

This is my home, a personal website. I once considered myself a designer. But now, more like an interested amateur in design.

I write what I love. The site is a on-going project on its own and the content here is all that I can offer, nothing more. Read this post to learn how I build this site.

Please be aware sometimes I rant, maybe yell, or shout at a lot of things. I swear when I gets angry. But I don’t bite, for that I can promise you.

This is me

I’m Jw, a full-time Otaku and a part-time working class with a passion for design, typography, branding, and the web. I enjoy watching movies, playing games, listening to music, reading books/manga, and going on walks in my free time. Collecting games, art books, blu-rays, and Transformers are my hobbies.

This is a place for me to document my thoughts as well as to share things. When I write about the topics I love, I experience a sense of reliving them.

This site kind of speaks for itself. At least I’m trying—less angry and to better myself.

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