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Blogging until the apocalypse arrives

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So, I’ve finally completed the challenge of #100DaysToOffload. It doesn’t mean much, but I do feel like I’m more grounded since I’ve started to blog. I guess blogging is a good habit to have. Here’re my 100 posts, beginning from 4 May 2022.

I think I’ve said it before, the primary goal of setting up this blog is to write. By doing that, I wish to improve my English writing. I managed to write a few posts each month. Let’s just say blogging regularly becomes part of my “routine”.

Because of the pandemic became serious in 2022, I didn’t go out much aside from going to work. Each day, coming back from work, I felt exhausted. I’ve way too many excuses not to doing anything, and I was being lazy for a long time. I also realized I was consuming a lot of media content without digesting any of it. I want to spark some creativity, hence building this blog from scratch.

Sometimes, doing anything is better than doing nothing.

Even writing a blog post that no one would read, is still better than just sit there doing nothing. We strive for self-improvements, no matter how insignificant it is. This is pretty much how I’d sum up why I started to blog.

It wasn’t easy to write this large amount of text. The hardest part for me was that I lack the ability to “articulate”. When I looked over what I’ve written, it’s obvious I wasn’t doing a good job. To be honest, even though I’ve completed the challenge, I genuinely don’t see any improvements in my writing. For sure, it became a bit easier to get words typed out. But I can only write simple sentences and have a hard time expressing complex ideas.

A list of blog posts for the #100DaysToOffload challenge
No. Title Date
1. Write short posts and write faster
2. Things I’ve watched last year
3. Learning new tools
4. Why I like playing RPGs
5. Buy less and make it last
6. Apple should fix the Torch shortcut on iPhone lock screen
7. Do your own thing
8. Less Screen Time
9. Watched The Batman
10. About Procrastination
11. Watched Top Gun: Maverick
12. My Switch Game Collection
13. Let’s Walk Everyday
14. Why you should still wear a face mask
15. Like Strangers, Perfect Pretenders
16. Extra Ordinary
17. Never Fade Away
18. Make a small difference
19. Some improvements for this site
20. I want to go offline
21. Ideal and the Real
22. Reader View and Speech in iOS
23. Netflix Addiction
24. 12K Steps a Day Challenge
25. A Question of Price
26. Watched Uncharted
27. Says one thing, does another
28. First Impression: Playing Eastward
29. Typhoon and treasures of the Forbidden City
30. Eyes on Me
31. What’s wrong with our world?
32. Watched Broker
33. Upcoming Anime I look forward to
34. Creating moods for blog posts
35. Plan B
36. Vintage Eyeglasses and Caesar-Flip
37. Neon Genesis Evangelion
38. War. War never changes
39. Watched Decision to Leave
40. Hakuna Matata
41. Make it loud, or else
42. First Impression: Xenoblade 3
43. Watched Bullet Train
44. Bury your old stuff away
45. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
46. Grand Escape
47. We’ll be alright
48. Watched Nope
49. Go backpacking someday
50. Our identity becomes blurred
51. Listen more, argue less
52. The Good Things are in the Books
53. Re-watched Hancock
54. Re-watched The New Mutants
55. Re-watched Pacific Rim
56. Re-watched Hellboy II: The Golden Army
57. Learn something new everyday
58. Watched F a   l       l
59. Watched Avatar
60. Content creators I’ve followed over the years
61. It’s a long, long goodbye
62. Why’d you care?
63. My most anticipated video games
64. Money well spent
65. A good storyteller
66. What’s your goal?
67. Managing screenshots from consoles
68. Watched The Wandering Moon
69. You care for people’s privacy, right?
70. Xenoblade 3 Review
71. Xenoblade 3 Collector’s Edition
72. The problem with Hong Kong city
73. We don’t talk anymore
74. The Kindaichi Case Files
75. Watched The Last 10 Years
76. Starbucks Ristretto Bianco
77. My top 30 favourite movies of all time
78. Self promotion
79. Heroine Anthem
80. Apple’s Lockdown Mode
81. Platform changes, history remains
82. Into the Fediverse
83. Delete Forever
84. Pokémon Legends: Arceus Review
85. Déjà vu
86. Watched The Menu
87. Old school versus new
88. Year’s end, new beginnings
89. New Year, New Home
90. Street Fighter 6
91. Sure You Can
92. Romance in the air
93. Breaking old habits
94. Drowning in watercolours
95. Converting images into WebP
96. Be a morning bird
97. Ripping audio CDs on macOS
98. Physical game preservation
99. My Desired Happiness
100. One hundred

I think I’ll keep updating my older posts if I’ve any time to spend with. They maybe looks unpolished, but it feels more real. All in all, I enjoyed writing them.

Joining the challenge provides a little push to write more. But I’m not a fan of counting my days. For now, I don’t think I’m going to join the second round of the challenge just yet. But never say never. Maybe someday I’ll change my mind.

For my next step, I’ll try to write faster. The format will be a bit shorter, and hopefully a bit better. I will keep on blogging, until the apocalypse arrives.

This is #Day100 of #100DaysToOffload.