12K Steps a Day Challenge

How I’m going to tackle the goal

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I’ve successfully completed 10K steps a day challenge three years in a row. For the fourth round, I’d like to push it a bit further to see if I can achieve the daily steps goal to 12K for 365 days.

The next round of the challenge will be set off on 25 Jun. Like I’ve said that in my previous post, this time is to complete the challenge for an average of 12K steps a day.

Turns out this might not be as easy as it may seem. When I look back on the steps history through the Fitbit app, data shows that I missed the 10K steps very often. I roughly counted there were at least 24 days the steps count were zero. Obviously, the reason I can still achieve the goal was that I walked more than 10K steps on most days. I’m bad at math but I think that probably takes at least 13-14K steps per day on averagely to cover the loss.

I’ll have to walk more the other day if I missed the daily target. I’ll also have to embrace the fact that sometimes I simply won’t be able to meet the target. If a rainstorm / typhoon hits, feel ill, or just want to stay at home. Too many excuses. If that happens, I’ll take that into account.

Let’s admit it, it’s always easier said than done. So, the question is how I’m going to tackle the challenge?

Well, I don’t have plans. I simply want to turn walking into a habit of mine. On my day off, I want to go outside, stay away from screens, and to exercise more.

To remind myself to walk more. But it will not be an easy task for me. The goal 12K steps look easy. The hardest part is that you’ll have to do this every single day. That’s what we call determination, discipline, and dedication.

Witness me. (P.S. that’s a reference to the movie Mad Max: Fury Road.)

This is #Day24 of #100DaysToOffload.