The Witcher Saga: Blood of Elves

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I’ve been a fan of The Witcher, a book series by Andrzej Sapkowski. I played the games, read a few books and watched the Netflix show. Maybe my brain doesn’t function very well and I keep forgetting the story. I’m now trying to write a short summary of the books. The first novel in the The Witcher Saga—Blood of Elves.


Update in Progress.

Blood of Elves

Chapter I

The north and south are at war. A white-haired Witcher named Geralt of Rivia saves Ciri in Brokilon Forest and takes her to Kaer Morhan. A bard sings ballads about the love story of the White Wolf and a sorceress Yennfer of Vengerberg. After the battle at Sodden, Yennefer rescued Dandelion from a mage named Rience who tortures him to extract information about Queen Calanthe’s granddaughter, Princess Cirilla of Cintra.

Chapter II

Triss Merigold of Maribor arrives and meets with Ciri at Kaer Morhan. The enchantress was brought there to guide Ciri because she has special magical abilities and later found out she’s a Source. Ciri was thirteen year-old when she was taken there and Kaer Morhan is now her home. Triss agrees to stay and help Ciri. Geralt and she decided to take her to Melitele’s Temple in spring.

Chapter III

The Witchers of Kaer Morhan, Geralt, Lambert, Coen and Vesemir train Ciri the ways of a Witcher. Triss learns about Ciri is Elder Blood, Hen Ichaer after she falls into a trance. Geralt told Ciri the purpose of being a Witcher and what it means to use a sword—to save lives, not to kill out of hatred or fear.

Chapter IV

Ciri, Triss and Geralt go on a trip to the Temple of Melitele. Triss fell ill on the road and they then joined the caravan of Yarpin Zigrin, a band of dwarves. They talk about humans and non-humans and the conflicts between them. At a elven ruin, Geralt recounts the history of the White Rose of Shaerrawedd. The caravan was attacked by Scoia’tael and dwarves, elves and humans were killed.

Chapter V

Geralt tries to lure Rience out and he signs up to escort a barge towards Oxenfort. The Witcher receives letters from Ciri and Yennefer for which the sorceress agrees to help and guide his Child Surprise. Dijkstra wants information from Dandelion about Geralt and his ward and has spies follow the poet. Dandelion, Shani and Geralt met with Philippa Eilhart and she informed them about protecting the Lion Cub. It turns out Shani knows about where Rience is.

Chapter VI

Kings of the North hold a conclave in Hagge Castle. They agreed to wage war against Nilfgaard and have Ciri, the Lion Cub killed. Ciri dreamt about Geralt. Tissaia learns from a secret Brotherhood meeting that Vilgefortz is tracking Yennefer and researching the Elder Blood. Geralt fought with Rience but Philippa betrayed Geralt and leet Rience escape. He was badly wounded.

Chapter VII

Yennefer and Ciri stay at Melitele’s Temple to help Ciri learn magic. They spend time together and Yennefer asks about the fall of Cintra and her parents and the journey with Geralt. Ciri learns about Yennefer and they becomes very close. Later, they said their farewells to Nenneke and left the Temple together.