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Karma is a bitch

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A thriller filled with intense action scenes and tons of comedy elements then packed everything together. The story is very intriguing with a lot of plot twists mixed in. The film also introduces you to the cartoon Thomas the Tank Engine. After watching it and what I can tell you is that I like metaphors.

Minor spoilers ahead.

I only mentioned some of the characters without spoiling the story.

I admit that I thought this movie is “just another action flick that will be soon on Netflix” when I saw the trailer. But I think it was better than that. There are three Korean films available in cinema. But I watched this and that recently and it’s time to change flavours. I decided to give this movie a try because of Brad Pitt. The guy is one of the famous faces of Hollywood. I watched most of the films he was in. Well, I guess I was not disappointed.

The entire movie was set on a bullet train that travel from Tokyo towards Kyoto in Japan. Everything was in motion and moving super fast with the story. I like the vibes that modern Tokyo at night offers. Neon signs, gangsters, food and drinks with a bit of traditional Japanese culture mixed in. The lighting reminds me of a Netflix film Kate (2021) starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead. It has a very similar setting. Joey King is just like the crazy high-school girl but more intelligent.

The characters were introduced one by one with flashbacks. Each of them has their own story and “beefs” with basically the same person directly or indirectly. This is a story full of vengeance and violence. A lot of things going on but you can still grasp most of it without pressure. Because I watch so many movies I can easily predict some when I was watching. If you look carefully and pay attention you’ll realize a lot of stuff where camera captures has something to do with the story later.

The part that I like most is the use of the names with Thomas the Tank Engine. I love the way that Lemon assign names to the others. “Everything I learned about people, I learned from Thomas.” Tangerine and Lemon play a very nice duo. Ladybug says he got all the bad luck but it seems to me he’s the most luckiest one. I recognize Zazie Beetz who was in Joker (2019). Also, I didn’t know Sandra Bullock was in the film.

In the end, everything comes together. And the story was kind of “simple”. To be honest, I don’t think we need that much of a reason to explain every plot. Just enjoy the ride.

Some side notes, the poster is kind of poorly designed. They pretty much put the portraits of main characters into the frame but they have zero connection as a whole. Very bad composition. I can spot those vector graphics in the background. It’s very generic that you can probably find it on Shutterstock. Lazy and uninspired.

That’s all. See you next time.

My Afterthought

The film is intense, fast-paced and most importantly: fun. If you like action movies, this maybe a good one to watch. Grab some popcorn and enjoy.

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David Leitch
Brad Pitt, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Joey King
Action, Comedy, Thriller
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Aug 2022

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