Vintage Eyeglasses and Caesar-Flip

Put on your shades

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A pair of eyeglasses with Caesar-Flip resting on a rooftop garden fence with blue sky and sea as background
My vintage-style eyeglasses with Caesar-Flip

It’s Summer time. Who don’t like blue skies and sunny days? But the sunlight is just too bright for my eyes. Not only I can’t look up and the ultraviolet is also hurting my eyes. Let’s put on shades!

Earlier this week, my area’s temperature was way too high for over 35°C. It’s insanely hot. And this very hot weather lasted for almost a week. The Summer has just arrived and there’s a very long way to Winter. With weather like this, you’ve more excuses to say at home. But I still want to go out under sunlight.

I’m a very nearsighted person who wears thick glasses and I can tell you I automatically opted-out from any sunglasses available. So, no Ray-Ban. I thought I have no other choice and that’s kind of sad. Until I learn about Caesar-Flip.

I bought this pair of glasses from a local store Genic Eyewear three years ago. They sell brands mainly imported from Japan. But they also sell hand-made glasses designed by local designers. I’ve mentioned earlier I’ll try to support local businesses when possible. I actually did. They’re Made in Hong Kong.

Caesar-Flip II is from Japan. The Flip is like a “Clip-On”, clipping on top of the pair of glasses. This combines opticals and sunglasses together. I think that’s probably the perfect solution for people like me. When you’re indoors, you can flip it up and vice versa. It works splendidly and it does look cool, too. I chose to buy from them because they have eyeglasses with smaller frames specifically for high prescription lenses. Most of the big brands tend to sell glasses with very wide frames. This means the lens will be very thick if you’ve high myopia.

I also want to talk about the lenses. Tokai is an optical brand from Japan and they manufacture the thinnest lens in the world. The pair of glasses I’m wearing with the index 1.76 and built-in Lutina. But I didn’t go for “Double Sides Aspherical”. Because it’ll double the price. And I’m glad I didn’t.

The Caesar-Flip is very practical. I use them very carefully and keep them very well. This is a game changer when progressive lens is not an option. Even if you’re nearsighted with glasses on, you can look cool and fashionable. I’m more than happy that I discovered them.

Three years later, I’m now getting a new pair. Another reason I continues to be a customer of theirs is that they allow me to have some room for bargaining. You can always get a better price if you have thick skin. That’s why I like small businesses. But this time, maybe I wasn't trying hard enough.

One last thing, I’ll try to persuade them to use Signal as they’re using WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook for their business. I don’t blame them because they need social platforms to promote their brand and products: to gain more exposure and views. But I will try my best to tell them about decentralization. At least the concept of it. But no promises.

In short, I like vintage glasses, It looks super cool! I’ll update you on how it goes for asking them to use Signal. And see you next time.

This is #Day36 of #100DaysToOffload.