Why’d you care?

I couldn’t care less

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Do you realize we always find ourselves poking our noses into someone else’s businesses? You care enough to even think about it. You wasted your precious time looking for the subject. It’s a way of getting yourselves to pay unnecessary attention to things that do not concern you. Sometimes, it’s called none of your business. We should shake that off and carry on with our lives, wouldn’t you agree?

This is a personal blog, so I figured sharing some of my thoughts wouldn't hurt anyone. Also, I don’t mind painting myself as a bad person. Then you can try not to be one. I’m not afraid to let you know I’m flawed. Just like everyone else. So, let’s start with myself.

I’m one of those guys who clearly has an attitude problem in real life. I refuse to talk to the person if I detect the slightest percentage of the fakeness of being “nice”. I’m not a young man anymore, and I’m old enough to be able to see through people. I’m also not a fortune teller, but I can sense a lot of things with my eyes closed. I admit it’s quite troublesome being a sensitive person. With such an attitude, I received a lot of “care” over the years. In spite of who I am, or who I was, and yet here you are. I’d like to share my views on the subject. I promise I’ll try to be nice to everyone.

What I can tell you is that, most people have a “spirit” inside them. It’s baked into our souls. The “spirit” is, to be specific, the urge to rebel. People just conceal it so much better than I do. I’m sharing this because I don’t like being at the centre of attention. You may ask, what makes me think that I am? Nope, people care what others would think of them. I bet you might as well. Hence, I asked, why’d you care?

For instance, we care for people who are on the internet. Why’d someone even care about someone’s life, in particular, a nobody that they’ve never met? Do you think reading one’s website, who wrote the “about” page, isn’t enough? Why’d you want to go through the effort of searching for the person? The individual has never crossed your path in anyway. Even if you know the person, isn’t it strange to stalk a person like that? It’s an attempt to invade someone’s privacy. I’m curious to know why anyone would be interested in a total stranger.

On the bright side, maybe you think the individual shares similar interests or values with you. Or you want to get to know the person more. I think that is not the case most of the time. I bet maybe the person said something that you disagree with, or you just hate the attitude. Or you simply don’t like the person in every possible way that you could think of. Either way, it’s easy to judge. We jumped to the conclusion too soon. We’re making assumptions because it’s convenient. Because we’ll never meet in person, so, why play nice?

Maybe I’m just thinking a bit too much. It seems to me people like to judge, to make their faces look better. People tend to think they live a better life than others. They look for people that who don’t. Because they want to know if their income, social status, or relationships are somewhat held to higher standards than most. Those are the stats that suggest how successful their lives have been. So, you surf the internet to see if other people are the same as you. Then you feel safe if there is anyone who is less fortunate. To compare yourselves with those unlucky ones. It felt great, didn’t it?

There’re people who advocate for online privacy. Ironically, they only care for themselves and their families. All talk. When it comes to respecting people’s privacy and their lives, very few would do the same to others. How about a total stranger? I doubt it. Because everyone has something to hide, and some people just don’t want people to pry. Sure, no one is going to stop you anyway. Just leave them alone, please? I thought you were better than that.

I’m a very simple and uninteresting person. So, sorry to disappoint. I don’t envy people who’re rich, or their fancy job titles, or anything that they try to brag about but worry that not enough people know about it. I couldn’t care less, for real. Not that I don’t want money, but I considered myself fortunate to be able to afford my interests. I’m not broke, but I manage to go to cinemas very often, or spend money on things that I like without worrying to much. To those who want to know if you’ve got a better life than me, I guess you have your answer.

One thing I want to tell other bloggers, if any of them are reading, is that, I’m very jealous of people who are learned, polite, and respectful to others. Because I will never be like them, no matter how hard I try. Those are attributes that are very hard for one to fake. Money couldn’t buy them. There’re people that I admired, they were never mean to anyone or tried to belittle someone else. Next time, if you wish to impress me, try harder.

I’ll ask again, why’d you care? You could just talk to the person in an old-fashioned way. If you’re curious about me, you can just fire off any questions. You can ask me anything and you will always be welcome if you bother yourself to send an Email. I’ll read and answer them. Yes, if you’re still with me, what I’ve said above was my thoughts. I just want to be more real. We look for like-minded people to share it with. If I’m qualified to be one of your fellow bloggers.

The world isn’t revolving around us. Tomorrow is another day, I guess we can all try to be a better man. We all have a past, but could we just move on? Whatever happens, life goes on.

This is #Day62 of #100DaysToOffload.