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Hello, what’s happening guys? Today I’m going to share some YouTube channels that I subscribed to over the years. I watched their videos from time to time. Occasionally, I learnt something new. The content that they created not only entertained me, but I enjoyed my time watching them. I can also see the effort and hard work they put into creating those video content. So, here’s a few of them I really like. You might want to check them out!

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I’m going keep updating this page.

Content creators

I personally dislike the term “YouTuber”. Content creator refers to people who create original work. YouTube is just a digital platform and it’ll mean nothing if there’s no content on it. Just like you can’t replace the word “search” with “Google”. It doesn’t feel right. Everyone is pretty much relying on Google products for both their work and entertainment. Because it's free and there're billions of pieces of content available. Let’s be honest, who’d watch PeerTube? For a peasant like myself, I can only tag along.

Paolo from TOKYO

The “Day in the Life” series is the best show on the channel. If you like Japan, or are interested in Asian culture in general, this one might be for you. The show explores the day-to-day lives of people who work in different industries, from a toy maker, a waitress, a casino/delivery worker, to a ramen chef. You’ll be intrigued by the variety of jobs people are working at.

After watching the show, I became more interested to their jobs and respected them more. So, I try not to complain or whine about my work, but instead, take pride in it.

Visit Paolo from TOKYO.

Noclip - Video Game Documentaries

Noclip is a channel that creates crowdfunded video game documentaries on YouTube with no ads. I think I watched a lot of interviews hosted by Danny O’Dwyer since he was working at GameSpot. He started Noclip in 2016 and I subscribed to them since then. The reason is simple: I like playing games and learning about them. I’m impressed by the quality of the show while it was run by only two people.

The channel covers from big AAA studios to small and indie companies. Another thing I want to mention is that they have subtitles for every video they post. I enjoyed the show very much and I learnt a lot.

Visit Noclip.

Corridor Crew

Back in the 2010s, when “freddiew” was still in its prime, I watched dozens of their videos. Later, they became RocketJump and have stopped producing new content. Corridor Crew was founded by Sam and Niko, and I still watch their content. If you’re into VFX or creative shorts, I bet you’ve heard of them.

They’re a bunch of people who produce creative, fun, and entertaining content. I like the fact that they created a lot of videos with a small budget. They also showcase the behind the scenes stuff that is very interesting to watch.

Visit Corridor Crew.

BuzzFeed Unsolved Network

The show “Unsolved True Crime” is hosted by Shane and Ryan. They covered different true crime cases that are quite famous and they shared their deductions as well. They let the audience take a closer look at the breadcrumbs of each case, and they let us draw our own “conclusions.”

Their commentary is fun and entertaining to watch. If you like the detective genre, like Sherlock Holmes, you’ll love it.

Visit BuzzFeed Unsolved Network.

About To Eat

A group of people who talk about food and show how they cook; different ways of cooking different ingredients. Their channel is surprisingly fun to watch. When I listen to their video, I’m also trying to improve my listening skills. I want to share one of the host Inga Lam, she has a personal channel as well. Interestingly, I can understanding her English, like word by word, without subtitles. Maybe because she know how to speak Cantonese too, I guess?

If you like to eat, and appreciate food, this is a nice channel to follow.

Visit About To Eat.

Wrapping up

That was it. I’m also looking for suggestions if there’re any cool channels you know of. Please share them.

Allow me to digress a bit. Yes, they’re all on YouTube but I’m using an alternative frontend of YouTube, Invidious, to make it somewhat less privacy invasive. The fact is that, we’re still relying on Google and its products. In no way do people move their content to PeerTube or Vimeo.

When will people start to change that, you ask? Why don’t you tell me?

This is #Day60 of #100DaysToOffload.