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I once had a Twitter account back in 2008. At the time, I followed quite a few people, from whom I’ve learnt many things about front-end, especially HTML, CSS, and Responsive Design. I didn’t mention it before, didn’t I?

Many familiar faces migrated to Mastodon recently. I've been reading some of their blogs for over a decade. I’ve enjoyed reading some posts, and I want to share them here. If you don't mind, most of the posts that I enjoyed were not tech-related.

It felt a bit like déjà vu when I read an old article Iron Man and me shared by Jeremy Keith. Somewhere in my mind, I got the feeling that I had read that before. I was correct. That was an interesting story. It reminds me of the time I worked as a junior designer at an advertising agency in 2008. That was also the last Christmas before we split up. What can I say? Time flies.

Manuel Matuzovic who started the HTMLHell Advent Calendar with 24 articles published for each day until Christmas. Those are very good resources for learning HTML. I hope I can upgrade my knowledge a little bit by reading them. It also reminds me of 24 Ways but it stopped updating in 2019. That’s a nicely designed website.

Eric Meyer shared about How to Verify Site Ownership on Mastodon Profiles. Yay! I did that already. Should I be proud of myself? It was a interesting read. Also, I’ve been using Meyer’s CSS Reset for a very long time. I feel old.

So, I came across a website called I thought about that a lot. It publishes 24 posts written by 24 authors in December. I’m more than happy that I’ve got some random short stories to enjoy before Christmas. That was a brilliant idea. I just want to steal the concept and make it mine.

I might want to update this post later. See you.

This is #Day85 of #100DaysToOffload.