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I noticed quite a lot of bloggers doing monthly recaps of what they’ve done in the previous month on their blogs. Well, I don’t think I’ve done anything worth mentioning. But I feel like I should at least write down something. So, here are some random notes.

I try not to talk about Musk, but something comes to mind, and I figured I might want to let you know. Grimes, a musician, singer/songwriter who maybe be better known as one of the Musk’s ex. To be fair, she’s “famous” before their relationship begins. As far as I know, she has never mentioned Elon Musk’s name in any of her interviews. What I like is her attitude that she stays true to herself. I’m not a fan of her, but I liked a few tracks by her, and they're unique in their own way.

I’ve seen people are asking everyone to delete their Big Tech social media accounts. That’s good to hear. I wonder will Facebook becomes the next? Grimes has a song called Delete Forever which suits the situation splendidly.

A while ago, I applied for a four-day First Aid training course, and it was quite an unusual experience. I felt a sense of relief upon completion. I thought to myself, “I’m not going to save any lives, but I’ve got some basic concepts of what First Aid means.” In order to obtain the certificate as a First Aider, trainees must also complete three sessions of exams: a quiz, bandaging, and CPR. I think I performed okay-ish in the first two parts. But I never really practiced CPR. Apparently, I failed. I’ll need to retake the exam later. Fingercrossed. 

At the year’s end, watching The Game Awards was one of the things I’d do in December for the past couple of years. But it becomes less exciting and somewhat irrelevant to me because I haven’t played most of the nominees’ games. I’ll still watch it just for the performances of the TGA Orchestra. This year, Xenoblade 3 is nominated in three categories, including “Best Role Playing, Game of the Year, and Best Score and Music.” Aside from that, there were three more JRPGs nominated in the “Best Role Playing” category: Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Live a Live, and Triangle Strategy. Even though I don’t think Xenoblade 3 will make it to the GOTY, I’m glad that Japanese style games have more recognition than before.

Speaking of year’s end events, let’s rewind the timeline for a bit. When I was studying at the design institute, our school arranged us to attend Business of Design Week. The tickets were kind of expensive, but for students, it was free. It’s a live talk show without subtitles. I remember listening to talks that we barely understood. In fact, I think we went there just for fun. The branding for the London 2012 Olympics reminds me of how a design that against good taste. This year, one of the programs covers the Metaverse. I want to know more about it, as I never really paid attention to what the Metaverse was about. I’m not a fan of VR though.

If the majority of people on Mastodon dislike Big Tech companies, don’t just say something like, “They’re bad.” It’s not enough. You must be concise and clear about why they are harmful to you. I want your opinions regarding the subject. Not based on others. I’m also wondering if the Fediverse could make it one of the talks.

Another thing I want to say is about blogging. I’m now planing a new year goal which is I’m going to write a game review and a movie review each month starting from Jan 2023. At the same time, I also want to start designing a Web App for my gaming archive. See what happens.

That’s a lot of stuff going on. Until next time.

This is #Day83 of #100DaysToOffload.