Extra Ordinary

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People tends to talk about how good their life has been. Which big agency they’re working at. How they spend their meaningful time. I’ve got nothing to impress anyone. I’m just an ordinary person.

This is Part 2. Read Part 1.

When I was in secondary school, our English teacher taught us how to pronounce the word “extraordinary”. Should be “EX-TRAOR-DI-NARY”. Me and one of my classmates pronounced it like two words separately, as “Extra-Ordinary”. So, here’s how the title goes.

I want to ask a question. What if there’s a parallel universe you turns out to be an average person. A blue-collar who works as a delivery guy, a courier, or a janitor. You’ve nothing to brag about amongst your friends. But to work hard every day just to save up a little bit more to afford a pack of beers.

I don’t even need to imagine. I am living the life. I’ve learnt the lesson a long time ago. Maybe I’m exaggerated a bit, but I know how it feels to be belittled by someone.

In the film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, the story begins while Ben Stiller wants to send a “blink” to his crush on a social platform but failed. Later find out he’ll need to fill in his profile page but ended up couldn’t. Because he realized he has never accomplished anything worth mentioning in his entire life.

You’ve guessed it. I’m exactly like him.

I don’t have grand words. I’m being completely honest with myself. What do I truly want? What kind of person do I wish to become? Without all that pretentious answers. Looking at the mirror, who are you?

I’m Extra Ordinary.

I was disappointed in myself. I’m not able to be the person I wanted to be. It’s not about how much I can earn, or which fancy job title I have. I don’t have any of those. It’s not that. It’s what I should’ve been.

I couldn’t meet the “standard” I was supposed to be. To be a better man. To be decent.

To learn to be ordinary and live my life as the way it is.

Ain’t no nothing wrong of wanting to be normal, right?

This is #Day16 of #100DaysToOffload.