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Fall is a thriller that makes you nervous and your palms sweaty. If you’re afraid of heights, it’ll get on your nerves till the end. I watched it in cinema and I gotta tell you they got my heart pounding all the way. I was on edge and feared for them. I just want to say this one more time: don’t judge too soon.

Spoilers ahead.

Don’t read if you want to watch the film.

I didn’t have high expectations when I first saw the trailer. You just need to take a look at the poster and you’ll understand what the movie is about almost immediately. It kind of gives away everything right before you even start watching. It’s not bad by any means but the audience will know what’s gonna happen. The director will need to be creative. It’ll be way harder to tell the story and I kind of wonder how the director is going to film a seems like simple idea and stretch it long enough. Also, there aren’t any movies available that I feel interested in. So, I decided to give this one a try.

After Becky lost her husband Dan on a rock climb. She’s drowning herself in grief missing him. A year later, her best friend Hunter pays her a visit and asks her to join climbing with her. The goal is the 2,000 feet abandoned TV tower. She’s hoping this adventure will cheer her up and they can move on with their lives together. Becky agrees to join, and of course they didn’t tell anyone. They got themselves trapped at the top of the tower, just as everyone predicted. The ladder is broken and there is no other way down. No phone signal, no food, no water because they dropped their backpack somewhere below. And the drone’s battery is running out. They couldn’t be able to call for help and time was passing quickly. So, what’ll they gonna do?

The story is simple and predictable. I thought I’d guessed the whole plot in the first 5 minutes. I laughed when Dan fell down the cliff. “He’s going to die soon”, I thought to myself. But come on, don’t be too clever just yet. Hunter is trying way too hard to be a stereotypical YouTuber. She always wants to get likes and selfies. That’s a flag to get herself killed. Becky didn’t get angry when she found out her best friend cheated on her. That’s rare and she deserves better.

Life is fleeting. Life is short, too short. So you gotta use every moment. You have to do something that makes you feel alive, and that shit, that would spread that message far and wide.

— Hunter, Fall (2022)

As I see it, the movie is telling us to face our own fear. To take on challenges and conquer them. Their action scenes on the tower build up tension and give you anxiety while you’re watching. They managed it well. Also, the hallucinations throughout the film were used quite nicely and I really can’t tell Becky’s dreaming or not. However, I’m not sure about the vulture scene and the fact that the phone battery can last for almost three days and still be able to use it to control the drone seems unrealistic to me. At the end, I really want Becky able to get her revenge on the two people who ignored them and stole their car.

The whole movie is focused on both gals 90% of the time. Their acting was OK, but I really didn’t feel any emotion for Dan. The best part is their interactions when they’re at the tower top. I couldn’t sit still because I was nervous. I was worried when they got too close to the edge. The soundtrack matched the scene quite well. The film is saved by the cinematic, which makes it much more watchable. I learnt that they’re not filming on green screen and that alone deserves 0.5 stars. The actress Grace got a little bit of Lara Croft vibe though. Despite its flaws, this is an okay-ish film to watch.

That’s it.

My Afterthought

This film is better than I thought. It’s a thriller and it does the job nicely. Or what else do you expect, then?

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Scott Mann
Grace Caroline Currey, Virginia Gardner
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Sept 2022

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