I want to go offline

Less distraction

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Sometimes, I want to go offline. I find it even better if I am completely off the grid for a while. You can stay focused on your work, read a book, or play a video game. It doesn't have to be always online.

Going offline is like getting yourself into “Zen Mode”. Without most of the distractions caused by the internet, you work faster, digest your reading better, and immerse yourself into the game’s world.

I wish Figma can be used offline. I’d go to a coffee shop just to do some designs without using their Wi-Fi. I don’t want myself researching on Dribbble, Behance, or Pinterest. I’m probably an old school person. I’d rather go to a library to have a read on different kinds of books, and look for inspiration instead. That’s my way of doing things. But who’d go to a library these days?

I subscribed to quite some RSS feeds mostly are personal websites I found on Mastodon. I’m slowly reading their feeds offline one by one while I’m on the go. I want to learn from their writings. I’m also intrigued by the stories they tell. People from around the world and you can get to know them and their perspectives. That broadens my mind from a goldfish-sized brain to a monkey’s.

I play games offline. I connect my PS4 or Switch to the internet maybe every week once just for getting the latest updates. Why’d I need the internet when I’m playing a single-player game?

Try to switch off the internet for an hour or so. You might be surprised by the peacefulness it offers.

Recently, I deleted Mastodon iOS app and some other apps that cause distraction. My screen time reduced by almost -50% a day. That's great! I think I probably won’t install such kinds of apps on my phone anymore. And it’s probably the time to nuke my iPhone—factory reset.

Going offline for a while might help you in some way.

This is #Day20 of #100DaysToOffload.