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You worked all day and felt a bit intense. Like it or not, we’re surrounded by noise, nonsense, unfairness or simply think everything going against us. Sometimes, I refuse to talk and get stuck in a train of thoughts. Then I want some peace and me time. To find my little happiness in solitude and undisturbed. It helps me to decompress and cheer myself up. To let yourself distance away from reality just for a moment. This is my grand escape.

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This is a post inspired from I'm getting lazy in video games by @Wivik and My Little Escapes by @chris

Life is hard. You need to work your ass off and pay the bills. People are harsh. You gotta deal with people or things that you don’t like. Stop reminding me that, I know. I guess no one like being lectured. But let’s skip the topic already. Nobody cares. So, I try to share things other than that.

Before the pandemic, I hardly find any motivation to go to a cinema and watch a film. Because of Netflix, I was getting lazy or simply doesn’t think any films could be worth my time. I subscribed to them in late 2017 until recently. Cinemas were closed for almost a year when the third or fourth wave of COVID hits in 2020-2021. Ironically, I suddenly want to watch films on the big screen, again. I cancelled my Netflix subscription two months after The Witcher in February.

I got a feeling that I kept watching for the sake of watching. Consumed a lot without digesting any of it. That was also the moment I just started blogging. Writing drives me to look for a reason upon doing anything. I’m glad that I have got myself a website. In spite of my English, I felt relieved every time I wrote a post. It does help me stay motivated. I want to truly enjoy a movie or anything else and write about it afterwards. I will also add going to Cannes Film Festival to my bucket list.

In recent years, I play fewer video games than before. I can only complete a game in at least three to four months. Maybe because I’m getting older and couldn’t find a game that interests me anymore. And I don’t really have the time to play video games that often now. But when the Xenoblade 3 was launched, it ignited my spirit for gaming again.

I avoid playing any mobile games at all. The last game that I actually played was Candy Crush. The game was once very popular and it was like back in 2013. I will never play RPGs or games other than Sudoku or puzzle-solving games. I only played games that require only one thumb. Because I don’t like holding my phone in landscape with both hands and press on a flat surface. Also the screen size is just too small and it hurt my eyes. I hate micro transactions just for weapons/skins, skip in-game time or pay-to-win that kind of mechanics. In my opinion, that’s bad marketing and polluted the gaming industry. I’d personally favour single-player games over multiplayer games. Because I don’t have a PC and do not plan to have one, so MMORPG won’t be an option.

Video game is a medium that is so underrated. The storytelling aspects, world setting and level of aesthetics it achieved are why it’s so fascinating. People may find it emotionally attached to some characters. Some may find adventurous in role-playing to be someone they couldn’t be in real life. Anyone could find certain elements or some parts that related to them at a personal level. Not to mention the interactivity it offers. You may even alter the course of the story to some extent. Interactive gaming is a medium that should be treated at the same level as film. It’s an art form letting people find pleasures while playing them. The involvement of players distinguishes video games from watching a film—a perspective comes mostly from a director. But some video games can allow the player to decide how the gameplay goes. The game follows the pace of the players. That’s why I love it so much.

After joining the Fediverse, I read quite an amount of articles than I ever did. I’m going to slow down a bit because I’m a slow learner. I need time to digest. But I will read your blog posts, I promise.

Watching movies and playing games are my biggest hobbies. You’ve never read that on my Now page, haven’t you? No worries, I don’t blame you. I don’t have better things to do with my life. So, this is my Grand Escape. I am now trying to stay healthier by walking more. Also, I’ll remind everyone to get yourself Less screen time when possible. Last but not least, write more.

Thanks for reading and see you next time.

This is #Day46 of #100DaysToOffload.