What’s wrong with our world?

My opinions on gun violence

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So, a few days ago, I was having my breakfast while reading a newspaper. News articles with dominant headings occupied quite some space of the sheet. Mass shootings happened in multiple places. There were many people killed or wounded in gun violence. I got a feeling that I had the obligation to write something down.

First, let me clarify some things. This post is just a normal citizen expressing concerns about guns. Even to a person who has never touched a real gun in their entire life. As a human being who lives in the same world like you, I think I’m allowed to have my opinions regarding the subject.

Guns should be banned for the greater good.

No matter what your political views are or which country you’re from; cultural background or language is spoken—it’s completely irrelevant. Nor your race, or your skin colour, or your pronouns are. I couldn’t care less. All of your personal agendas should be put aside when guns had became more than a threat that jeopardizes people’s lives.

You’ve no gun rights because it’s wrong. That’s that.

This is not a rule or law set by any authorities. It’s common sense. And it will and must be applied to any human being. Unless you’re from Mars.

Isn’t that enough people have died already? And you want to see more dead people because of gun violence?

It has to be stopped.

Why’d you need a gun for? To shoot your neighbors when you’re angry? Guns shouldn’t be existed for normal citizens in the first place. If there’re wolves or lions wandering around on streets then you may as well have one. It gives me anxiety to even think about some random guys who are allowed to bring a gun to school. And you let your kids to go to a school like that? Are you out of your mind?

Absolutely no room for arguments. No fucking guns. Yes, I don’t have the rights to vote. I’ve never been to the US nor planned to go there anytime soon. Where I am from? Nowhere. I’m not suggesting that I’ve got a higher ethical standard than anyone. No. I never claimed to be one. But I still want to write this post to express myself. Or I might feel anger constantly raging inside me.

You disagree? Bite me.

Let’s end here.

This is #Day31 of #100DaysToOffload.