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The more I explore the Fediverse, the more I think I’m just a grain of sand in the world. There are plenty of things for me to learn, read and digest. I am glad that I started to write, to document my mundane life.

Recently, I read an article You, a Million Times written by Matthias Ott. I am very much inspired by the words Matthias said:

You should only write for one person and one person only: you.

— Matthias Ott

Writing is a process to help me organize my thoughts and digest—think deeper about the subject I’m trying to express. Despite I am still very bad at it.

My intent is simple. I want to improve my English and I thought if I want to get good at it I will have to start writing. Hence this blog.

I’m not writing in my first language—Traditional Chinese because it will be harder to write. Even if that’s my native tongue. It’s a very expressive and complicated language and one can easily tell you’re bad at it. I might want to try writing bilingually in the future. We’ll see.

I also want to read more blog posts or articles on different subjects from people around the world to widen my perspective.

I’m a nobody but just a cog in the machine—the society’s wheel. I’m working a boring job that I have to commute everyday. We all need to pay our bills, that’s sad but true. This is also part of our responsibilities as grown adults.

In my spare time, I want to have some fun and be worry-free. Hakuna Matata is the spirit. I want myself to distract from the cruel and harsh society I am living in. Explore the world on the internet. I visited and subscribed to quite some websites. Having some interaction with people does help to decompress. Thanks to the people who sent me emails or toots.

I want to write about everything and my mundane life. To actually do something, like Walter Mitty in the film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. To step out of my comfort zone. I dream to travel the world, to visit some places. I haven’t got the chance (and budget) yet.

I am just merely an NPC in this open world. A person passing by and you don’t even notice. You’re the protagonist. If you happen to visit this little corner on the World Wide Web: thanks for stopping by. I might have a story to tell if anyone bothers to read.

This is #Day40 of #100DaysToOffload.


  1. In case anyone who didn’t know, Hakuna Matata is a phrase from Disney animated film The Lion King, means “No Worries”. ↩︎