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When I thought I had sold most of my Blu-rays, I picked up this one from a pile of stuff in my room. I almost forgot I bought this movie. I don’t have Netflix anymore, so I decided to re-watch it last night. I figured even if you have hundreds of movies ready for you to watch on streaming services, sometimes you don’t bother to pick any of them. I guess we don’t need too many options.

This is a kind of unusual action movie. I remembered we watched it in the cinema in 2008 while doing our Final Year Project. Just after watching I Am Legend (2007) and it seemed to me everyone was talking about Will Smith. When I was in school, my classmates always asked me to check out I, Robot (2004). They told me it had a very good story. My sister also asked me to watch the film Seven Pounds (2008) some time later. That was a long time ago but it feels so recent.

The VFX looks a bit dated by today’s standards. Even some YouTubers did something close to the level the movie has done. But the film isn’t about the visual effects; it has some cool elements. The story is about an drunk superhero being an asshole all the time. A superman without capes but dressed like a homeless person and always with a bottle of wine in his hand. He’s sad because he’s immortal and has no kin. Being a superhero gets all the power but not a single person likes him. It feels authentic to show the human side of a superhero and his struggles. It turns out, he’s not alone. I wish they could give the audience more of the past of what they have been through for centuries.

Charlize Theron looks pretty. She looks like a supermodel should look like but with some fierceness in her. I didn’t recognize her when she was in Mad Max: Fury Road (2015). I guess I’d prefer she’s short-haired. The story of Hancock reminds me of the Netflix film The Old Guard (2020). Coincidence? They share a similar setting, but Hancock is so much more fun to watch.

I also want to say something about Will Smith regarding the “Oscar slap” incident. He has a lot of good movies, some of them more meaningful and most of them are fun to watch. I believe he’s a good actor. I don’t want to judge, but if anyone tries to make fun of my girl in front of people, I think I will make the person pay for that. I don’t hit people. But I will definitely confront the person and make the guy apologize. I’m pretty sure I will.

So, this is it. I kind of regret selling half of my Blu-ray collection. What was I thinking? I will write about some old movies later if I’ve got the chance. Until next time.

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A special take on superheroes. If you want to try something other than Marvel, this could be a nice film to watch at home.

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Peter Berg
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Aug 2008

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