The problem with Hong Kong city

I want to escape from this place

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Have you ever wanted to leave the place that you live in? Not so many have the privilege of moving abroad. Many people enjoy taking vacations and visiting new places. Some of them are obsessed with the idea of traveling. How about you?

If you like shopping, this is the city you want to visit. It has pretty much everything you might need, as long as you have got the money. You can enjoy tax-free shopping after all. Luxury shops, clothing brands, high-end restaurants, bars; they have it all. If art and culture is more to your liking, you can visit museums or the Central Market. This might be the place if you wish to spend money, do some shopping, or just to look around for a couple of days. But if anyone wants to live here, not so much.

This is obviously an overcrowded city. People are literally everywhere. Wherever you go, it will be flooded with people. There will always be people in every shopping mall, market, metro station, street, restaurant, cinema, or country side, no matter where the place is. It seems to me it’s nearly impossible to avoid people.

For instance, I wanted to catch the first train to go to work at 6 am. The train was full of people. I thought to myself, I was not early enough, so I woke up at 5 am, tried to catch the first bus, which, you might have guessed it, was full of people with nowhere to sit. You gotta understand that the bus here in the city looks exactly like the double-decker bus you saw in London; it's that kind of bus we are talking about.

The other thing that annoys me is, in fact, noise. Wherever you go, there will be construction. If you find a place that doesn’t, don’t laugh too soon; it will come eventually. Construction never ends. All the noise starts in the morning at 8 am and it will last the whole day until maybe 7 pm. From Monday to Saturday, without exception. People are hard at work, you know.

A power pole next to a trail, higher than other trees, with a small open view of the sea nearby
Look at this power pole that stands next to a trail during my walk

I just wish to have a place where I can peacefully enjoy a book, a manga, or listen to music. Without all that noise, or people ruining the mood.

I watched a few videos of Emma Chamberlain, who visited some places in Europe: Venice, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, etc. Everything looks so nice; the views, shops, streets, and even the people look more friendly. I want to go there and do absolutely nothing. Just for the atmosphere; to feel the vibe there.

Travel, you say? Well, sounds like a good suggestion but not after I checked my wallet. I’m sorry if I sound like a hillbilly who has never been outside of Asia for his entire life. Okay, fine. Enough with all that whining. Let’s get back to reality. See you next time.

This is #Day72 of #100DaysToOffload.