Less Screen Time

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I find myself spending too much time on screen. My eyes get tired easily and it hurts. I think everyone should probably limit their screen time as well.

Last year, I managed to limit my screen time. It was quite successful. I don’t look at my phone that much, for less than 30 mins per day. I only neededs to charge the phone every two days.

Recently, I started this blog and joined the Fediverse. The screen time rapidly going up. This is not good at all. Mostly using the Mackbook to browse the internet and iPhone to explore Mastodon.

There’re things I want to do on computer. So many stuff to learn, and to read. So, I think I’ll have to work much faster and stay in focus.

I’m now trying to maintain a work life balance. I unsubscribed Netflix in March this year as I’m playing a video game Trails in the Dark. I can’t do both as the same time. That’s a start.

To further reduce my screen time, I think I’ll have to come up a plan or a schedule. Maybe keeping a day every week #ZeroScreenTime. No computers, no iPhone, no TV.

I’ll try, but no promises.

This is #Day8 of #100DaysToOffload.