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Our Earth doesn’t need you to save it. It’s fine the way it is. The problem is the people living on it. Let’s see what’s wrong with us and what can we do about it. Doing little something is better than doing nothing.

Not that I’m going to be a environmental activist. I’m pretty sure I won’t be joining march for the environment anytime soon. I’m trying to get my points of view out regarding this topic as a normal citizen.

The Planet is fine, the people are fucked!

— George Carlin, The Planet Is Fine, Jammin’ in New York (1992)

It seems obvious to me that the usual method that advocates for protecting the environment is not going to work. We’ve seen those messages way too many times and we’re trained not to care about it. Maybe we pretended to care by just talking about it. All talk, no action.

Some people act like they have a higher concern on matters like environment, or human rights only to show off how knowledgeable they are. I’ve seen many opinions being expressed just to impress—to get the views or fame. I don’t see the point of just talking about the concept of it without actually doing anything. Everyone knows what to do already. I’m not trying to offend anyone but you get my point.

Our modern society sells us pleasures, but no happiness. Everything is made to make us consume more.

@hyde, Roland Garros and climate change

A few days ago in the morning, I read a post by @hyde on Mastodon. I was a bit triggered after reading it. I think it’s probably because of the consumption I’ve made of electronic products. It has the most impact to our environment the most after all. I admit that I’m feeling a bit guilty and decided to write this post. At the time, I was searching for a Tracker. I’ve been using Fitbit Inspire HR for three years now. Originally, I was planning to replace it with a new one. To be fair, three years aren’t a short time. But I decided not to buy a new model, instead, replace the wristband for the tracker.

I believe that most people living in cities are already equipped with the concept of “less waste”. Also, I’m in no position to lecture anyone. But how we can actually do something?

This is somehow similar to charity. Generally speaking, people who are richer donates more money, since they’ve more to spare. On the other hand, people who have less income struggle with their living. Are you still expecting them to join protest for polar bears? They may not have the time to even think about topics like this. Let’s be honest, such “higher concerns” maybe a bit too impractical for them.

I’m not saying people can harm the environment because of how much money they can make. No. The main culprit is the living style that our society is promoting. My point is, not that we don’t care about climate change. We cares. But we can only do our parts in small ways and hope it becomes a combine effort that can make a difference.

The main goal is simple, create less waste. Use things that can be re-useable whenever you can.

Buy less and make it last. A promise to myself “Do Something”.


To anyone who read this, I’m trying to be constructive here. In terms of smartphones, seems like there’s only two option for an average Joe like myself. I can only go Android or iPhone. Sorry to tell you, I’ll never use brands like Huawei, Xiaomi, or OnePlus. I’m being very skeptical because they clearly have something to do with China’s government. I’d rather choose Apple products.

Apple Trade In might be an option if you’re using Apple devices. I’m aware that this is a marketing strategy to lock their customer in a loop of buying their products. They also won’t accept older devices. That being said, you gotta “upgrade” it in a few years or so. We have limited options.

I’m starting to do my part, how about you?

One more thing, while writing this post I feel the urge to re-watch the 2017 film Mother!, starring Jennifer Lawrence. To @hyde, this movie aren’t on your top 250 list! (I always find a way to relate something to a movie, strange.)

This is #Day18 of #100DaysToOffload.


  1. Devices I’ve own (owned) over the years: HTC Wildfire S (my first smartphone at 2010), Nexus 5 (2013), iPad mini (1st gen), Galaxy Tab (7.7, 10.1, A7), iPhone 6S, iPhone X (traded in for 12), iPhone 12, Macbook Pro 15″ (Dec 2010), Macbook Pro 13″ M1 (Feb 2022). See what I use ↩︎
  2. I don’t do online shopping unless I’ve no other way. I want to look for it at local stores. It might not be an easy task as the model is pretty old. ↩︎