You care for people’s privacy, right?

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I joined the Fediverse a few months ago. I’ve read plenty of articles or toots about preserving online privacy. Many of them require knowledge that is beyond what an average person like myself can handle. I highly suspect some of my devices are compromised, or being monitored, for whatever reasons. After hours and hours of research, I still don’t have any answers. If anyone happens to have suggestions, I’m all ears.

When you want to access your online banking account but are concerned that someone might obtain your credentials. The other day, you wanted to watch porn and you thought someone might know. You’re being watched, all the time. Do you know how it feels? I’m haunted by the very idea. Until recently, I acted. I think I did everything in my ability.

I’ve already performed a complete factory reset on my M1 macbook 2020 without using iCloud backup. The system is Monterey 12.6. I reinstall apps that I need, and they’re all big names. I go through every setting possible to switch off pretty much everything sharing related, like file/screen sharing, remote access, bluetooth, AirPlay, etc. I turn on built-in firewall and block all incoming connections. I’ve also setup a long enough login password for the mac when restarted. No one other than myself can have physical access to my machine.

I contacted my ISP and asked them to switch my old router to a new one. It has WiFi 6 and I set the security to WPA3 Personal. I created a new SSID, generated a 30-40 character long password with numbers, special characters, and capital letters. And of course, I changed the default password for the admin login as well. To be safe, I’ve also installed a VPN on my mac.

So, here’s the question. What I did is basically what a normal person would do. As I recall, I haven’t clicked on any links in emails, or installed any suspicious apps either. If I had to guess, I’m being targeted by someone who’s much more tech-savvy than me. Maybe my IP or MAC address, or IMEI or Serial number leaked? I really have no idea at all. New router, factory reset-ed machine, still being “hacked”?

I am sick of all those “worries”, hence, I seek help. I hope if there’s one in a billion chance that someone can give me some advice, I would be very grateful. I have nothing to offer you but my gratitude. OR you can just tell me I am a crazy person being paranoid. Either way, thanks for reading.

This is #Day69 of #100DaysToOffload.