Apple should fix the Torch shortcut on iPhone lock screen

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How many times you have seen people accidentally turn on the flashlight on their iPhone? Chances are pretty damn high that I’ve seen it happen every single day. The flashlight is being turned on unintentionally without the person realizing it.

When you’re on the go—at the train station or on the street, you’ll meet someone with a phone in their hands whilst the flashlight is on. You don’t even need to look at it, it has to be an iPhone. It happens too often to people and I find it not only annoying but clearly a flawed design.

I’m one of the victims here. The other day I went to work, before I left home I fully charged my phone to 100% and put it in my bag. Because I’m trying to reduce my screen time I rarely take out my phone while I’m on the go. Guess what, the flashlight was on the whole fucking time. When I arrived at work the battery dropped to 66% and it’s getting very hot.

Apple has to put an end to this. It has to be fixed.

I don’t know why Apple does not allow people to customize the two shortcuts on the lock screen? This is bad. Real bad. It doesn’t even have an option to remove or disable the shortcuts in the settings.

I mean, why though? If I had to guess because they’re either punishing their customers for buying their clearly overpriced high-end products or using the feature to mock the people who are using Android.

<rant>What kind of fuckery design is this?</rant>

Could Apple just fix it by modifying the gesture control? Change long press to activate the shortcuts, to “long press and swipe”, maybe? Tap on it and hold it then swipe to activate. It can add extra “steps” to avoid it being turned on so easily. However, I’ve no idea if that’s affecting accessibility.


This is #Day6 of #100DaysToOffload.