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I was working an overnight shift a few days ago. I’ve got some spare time to reflect. I try to poke fun at myself, and be funny. Or what else could I do? This cheered me up a little. And here is the result. It’s best to pretend you’re rapping while some beats is playing to maximize the effect.

For now, a routine job is all I can get.
Sometimes, it drive me mad.
Enthusiasm is what it lacks.
I dreamt of getting the sack.
Distractions are needed to stay sane, I bet.

Oh, I want a cat to be my pet.😺
I’m not gonna getting fat.
My crush won’t look at me if I look like that.🐷
She might be the cutest girl I’ve ever met.
Construction near I live hasn’t stopped yet.
On the metro ride, I hear strangers tell jokes that make me crack.
I realized life isn’t all that bad.
Let’s hope for the best.

I’ve decided not to be sad.
But I make fun of myself instead.
The sense of humor that I seldom get.
Call me crazy, I guess.
I’m not that depressed, you freaking old hag.
Some eggs benedict is all I want for breakfast.
It’s raining, and I got a little wet.
It won’t stop me from bringing my backpack.🎒
I might wear a hat, and I’ll be back.
Go, it looks like I’m dragged.🐌
Enough said.
Some goals have been set.
It’s time to go ahead.
This is a promise, and I will act.
I’ll only be better, I assure you that.
I says to myself, congrats.

I just want to have some rest.🥱
Tomorrow, let’s examine the facts.
I can’t take care of you with just some bread.🥐
But we could figure that out if you say yes.
I’m a frog, and I “Croak! Croak! Croak!”🐸
I worked for a whole week, and I’m a bit stressed.
Seeing you I feel my ears Turning Red.☺️
Oh, please don’t ask me to get.
A little bit of this and a little bit of that.
Maybe I don’t have any hacks, but don’t fret.🌹
I like you, and I don’t jest.
I’ll write this down, and put it on your desk.
I wish you could laugh, “Heh heh heh.“

“It’s time to get out of bed,” my mom said.
I looked at the mirror, “Oh! What the heck!?”
Back to reality, I resemble an undead.👻
It looks like a dream, I’m making up all that.
I’m nowhere close to what is “success.”
But hey, why not make some gags?
And I shout: “Shoryuken”.

This is #Day91 of #100DaysToOffload.