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I wanted to create an identity for this site since forever. I figured I’ve got to kick start it by doing something first, or it will never happen. It doesn’t have to be “finished,” and it will evolve over time. Let’s see how it will play out in the future.

So, you may have noticed. I recently created a logotype for this blog. I admit, this was not my best work, but it does somewhat reflected my aesthetic taste to some extent. I worked on it across a few days, it took me maybe 5-6 hours in total, to create this little branding project for the site. This will be an on going project. To be honest, I don’t think I will invest much time on it. The artwork was created using Figma.

Logotype displayed on a gradient background
Logotype with a tagline; I consider this is the first draft to test the design direction

I created the logotype fairly simply with basic geometric shapes. I wanted it to be bold while maintaining a strong visual impact and easy to recognize even in smaller sizes. It looks simple. The logo is used on this site as an SVG and it’ll change its colours according to currentColor.

Logotype presented in black color on a white background
Logotype presented in white color on a black background

I chose the word “solo” and changed the letter “l” to numeric “1” purposefully to make it more distinctive. The concept behind it was simple; a moment of solitude. My intention is to reflect that blogging is a personal experience. It can encompass a variety of pursuits, such as watching a movie, reading a book, playing a single-player RPG, daydreaming, and writing a blog post. Simply put, a way of self-discovery, enjoyment and self-improvement.

These are abstract ideas that require visual metaphor in order to be understood. I think the concept is there, but it lacks details. There weren't enough iterations made to the design. But my goal is to keep things simple and clear. I'll leave it that way for now and see what I can do later.

The construction of the logotype
Logo in black on a coloured background

I like typography and grids. I created a flyer for the look and feel, which is part of the self promotion project. It’s a great way to explore grids, columns, alignment, and typography in Figma. The hardest part for me is to write the text content. Overall, I’d say it looks consistent with the blog’s design. But the alignment was not well-thought out and precise enough. It also looks a bit amateur-ish. I rushed to finish it in a short time. But I guess I have got the job done for now.

The front and back of a flyer design
I created a 4-column grid to align content with some graphics as a background to make it more fun and playful

If you read my previous post, I wrote about how the site’s design is a tribute to the Pop Art movement and a throwback to the good ol’ 960 Grid System. I don’t blame you if you haven’t. I like to use make use of vivid and fluorescent colours in the design to make it “pop”. The idea is that the text should be strictly aligned to the columns, while graphic elements serve a decorative purpose and are not bound by the grid.

I want to keep myself busy by starting a side project. I have several ideas in mind but am too lazy to make anything happen. For now, I don’t subscribe to any streaming services or play any games. Lately, I’m just not in the mood to do anything at all. I realized I should read more books, write blog posts, and improve my English language.

I don’t intend to inspire anyone, but I’d say doing some design will help expand your creativity in some way. If you happen to have a blog, it would be nice to create a logotype for your own. It would be a fun process. Last but not least, in case anyone is interested in branding, I want to share the open design for mozilla by Johnson Banks. I love the design process.

This is #Day78 of #100DaysToOffload.