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I did it! I’ve finally started blogging. The previous post was the very first post that I wrote (The one before it doesn’t count). I’ve never written anything like that before. That particular post was also the longest and shortest, the best and the worst writing that I’ve ever did at the same time.

Things that I Learnt

I didn’t know it’s not a easy task to translate what you’re thinking then put them into your writing. I thought how hard could it be at first. This is the first time I actually writes, it could be better. The biggest take away was how you’re going to organize your thoughts and presents the content in a way that is readable while conveying your message. The more I write, I realized you can tell who the person really are just by reading the post.

I think I’ve spent more than 10+ hours coding, researching, testing and writing. The hardest part for me is motivation. No one’s reading, but still, keep on writing things that probably no one would cares.

But of course blogging isn’t about viewership. Apparently, there’s none. I didn’t do it for anyone, instead, I do it for myself. This is what I had to do.

Screenshot taken from PS4 The Last of Us Part II
“Trophy earned! What I Had To Do”, Screenshot from PS4 The Last of Us™ Part II

Why Blogging?

If you want to do something—if you really wants—you gotta go all in. I do not have better things to do with my life during the pandemic. It’s obvious I’m not going to win an award nor I will get rich because of blogging. I’m gonna write as much I can and to see how it goes. Doing anything is better than doing nothing, wouldn’t you agree?

Writing Skills

I kept rewriting different sentences, correcting my grammar and change the wordings. I need to review my blog post more than a couple of times to make it readable. Because my lack of vocabulary, poor choice of words and almost no sentence structure, I failed to make it an article. For To me, English writing is difficult. Update: It took me a good few minutes to learn the differences between “To me” and “For me”. Learning, coding and writing at the same time makes it even harder. That’s the reason why it took so long. The key is does the content communicates what I’m trying to say, that’s the question.

Coding HTML and CSS

I’m probably a very strange person. Every time I saw something cool on other peoples’ website, I couldn’t resist to try it myself. For instance, styling a pre element for HTML/CSS snippets. I searched for it and inspecting how they styled them. It took me more than an hour to do that. Update: I stumbled upon an article about Fluid type sizes and spacing by Piper Haywood. What interests me isn’t the content itself but the code snippets, it has line numbers! How cool is that? I’m very interested in any tiny details that you can imagine, like how to style text-decoration: underline. Researching on each one of them was fun. I had fun along the way.

Learning Typography

Using a code editor to write a blog post and editing HTML altogether might not be a good idea. I think it maybe better to use Open Office to write the content and put it in VS Code. I’m now having more interest in implementing Fluid Type for the site, but it seems to me that’s a bit too high-level-developer-shit-going-on that I not yet have the ability to comprehend. I don’t know SASS and don’t even know how to use Github. What makes this funnier is I’m not joking. But you know what, I think I’ll start with the basic by using calc() to do the type scale.

I love to read articles and books about typography. I’m now rereading A type primer by John Kane. This is a book I bought far back from 2007 as I recall. And it’s the first edition! I might consider doing a collection of typography stuff and post it here. Who knows what could happens? Also, a interesting piece about font size: Font size is useless; let’s fix it by Nikita.

HTML consists of some special text characters or punctuation marks and I keep forgetting their code. I made the table below to end this once and for all.

HTML entities used for typography
Character macOS HTML Output
Apostrophe option + shift + ] ’
Ampersand shift + 7 & &
Bullet option + 8 •
Degrees option + shift + 8 ° °
Ellipsis option + ; …
Double Quotes option + [ “
option + shift + [ ”
Single Quotes option + ] ‘
option + shift + ] ’
feet (ft)
option + 2032 ′
Double Prime
inch (in)
option + 2033 ″
Hyphen - - -
En Dash option + - –
Em Dash option + shift + - —
Copyright option + g © ©
Trade Mark option + 2 ™

Next Blog Post

The essential code of a blog post may needs were in place. I can relax a bit now. I’ll probably write about The Witcher, the game and also the Netflix Show in the next post.

Geralt and Yennefer — The Last Wish, screenshot taken from PS4 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
“Geralt and Yennefer — The Last Wish”, Screenshot from PS4 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Lunar New Year is just around the corner. The Year of Tiger is coming. Kong Hei Fat Choi! Update: This is the second day of Lunar New Year while I’m updating this post.