Watched Top Gun: Maverick

A nice weekend blockbuster

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It has been a while since I watched a weekend blockbuster. Tom Cruise successfully delivered a very realistic and well-executed action movie.

Last Friday, I watched Top Gun: Maverick. I went in with no expectation at all. I didn’t do any “homework” beforehand. I watch it just because I like jets and Tom Cruise. But surprisingly, it was a great experience.

The story is easy to follow and you’ll know what happened in the first film even if you didn’t watch it. Despite the story being cliché, it works, no bullshit and gave a satisfying ending.

The characters are on point. The “Call Signs” of the pilots really tells who they are. I remember Miles Teller in the film Whiplash and The Spectacular Now.

All of the flight scenes are very intense and even if we’ve never flown a jet you can tell that’s real. The G-force, aviation, and sound effect make the film even better. This is a must watch in cinemas.

I like movies with less CGI whenever possible. I want real cinema. That’s why I like Christopher Nolan. He is the man. The Batman Trilogy, Tenet are my top movies of all time.

Some side notes, I understand that the film is somehow promotional material for the US Navy or American Milliary in general. That’s a PR thing for the US people. As the movie never mentioned who is the enemy or where is the mission located. But the Red Star said it all. It seems pretty obvious to me they’re implying the “bad guys” are either from China or Russia. I’m all good with that. You can’t enjoy a film if you take it too seriously.

My Afterthought

I like the film. I enjoyed my time while watching it. You should go watch it if you’ve got the chance. Because it’s Tom Cruise!

Rating (Stars)
★★★½ 3.5/5
Joseph Kosinski
Tom Cruise, Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly
Action, Drama
Release Date
April 2022

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