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An in-game illustration drawn by using water colour
Gris, developed by Nomada Studio, published by Devolver Digital

After a long week at work, I can finally sit down and write something on this blog. To work on whatever I’ve been meaning to do but haven’t gotten around to. Today, I’m going to talk about games, again. I have a little haul on a few Switch games. What more do you need when you can write about stuff that you love? Let’s put on some nice tunes, relax, and enjoy.

Gris was released a few years ago. A platformer with some puzzle solving. What drew me in was the art style, and music. The game is visually stunning, along with its breathtaking music score. What a piece of creation to admire. I didn’t have time to really looking into it. At the time, getting a physical copy of the game at local stores was simply out of the question. Very few people would pay attention to indie games, not to mention expect local shops to import them. After some searching, I can now get my hands on it.

People on Mastodon seem like they’re all into vinyl. A good hobby to have. I do like good music, but I don’t think I have the love, time, or resources to invest in collecting vinyl. For me, it’s more practical to get an external DVD-ROM and extract those CDs that I have into digital format. That might as well be the time to do some research.

Items are placed next to each other, which includes an art book, a CD with a sleeve, the game case, and the package box
Gris Collector’s Edition. I like the cover art on the package. They should have make the art book bigger.
Four switch games place next to each other
These are games that are worth adding to my collection. They are all traditional-styled RPGs.

I first played Trails in the Sky 空の軌跡(Sora No Kiseki) in my secondary school years. That was indeed a very long time ago. Somewhere deep down inside me, the The Legend of Heroes 英雄伝説 series are far more memorable than any other JRPG. I’ve had a lot of fun playing them. Almost two decades later, I’m still enjoying new titles from the series. I wrote a post about the games last year. People in the West who are familiar with the JRPG genre, specifically Tales, Persona, or Final Fantasy. The Trails series could have been there. I’m glad Falcom is beginning to port those games outside of Asia.

I played all games in the series, except for two titles that were released on the PSP. They are Trails from Zero 零の軌跡(Zero No Kiseki), and Trails to Azure 碧の軌跡(Ao No Kiseki). I missed those two because I didn’t have a PSP back then. In fact, I never owned a console before I joined the work force. The visuals in both games are exactly the same as in Trails in the Sky 空の軌跡(Sora No Kiseki). It’s lovely to see 2.5D character sprites. As I recall, they used Hong Kong city as a reference for some background settings. I’ll be sure to write about them once I’ve got any time.

Aside from the Trails series, Falcom also has a long-running franchise called Ys. I bought Ys: Origin for nostalgia sake. It’s an action RPG with similar art styles. The other game is Langrisser I & II, a remake of the games. When I was struggling whether to buy Fire Emblem: Engage or not, I stumbled upon this gem. It has been a while since I played any strategy games. So, it’s a yes. Hunting for those games wasn’t easy, I visited different stores at different locations multiple times. But the good news is, I got them at a discount price. The joy of holding them in my hands, worth it.

Since I began exploring the Fediverse, I've come up with a number of projects that I'd like to pursue. They’re all little personal projects. But that would be fun. It’s not easy to squeeze out some time when I've got to work for long hours, and on shift. But, you know, I don’t want to have too many excuses, or whining about this or that. I pause for a moment, then get, set, go.

This is #Day94 of #100DaysToOffload.


  1. For your reference, it was around USD$30 for each game. But Gris was a bit over my budget since it’s a Collector’s Edition. ☺️ ↩︎