We’ll be alright

I owe you a thank you

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Have you ever met someone you know from secondary school like two decades ago? I think I might’ve met one, a person I once knew. But the person tried to help without you even noticing. If you ever know one, that might be one of your true friends. It seems they don’t care whether you know it or not. They believed in you, and they lend a hand. And I owe you a big thank you.

How do I feel?

Better than the last three years.

I didn’t know how to react at the time. I felt empty and suddenly, a sense of relief. The battle is over. I thought I will be angry. But I didn’t, and for the first time, I remained calm. As I see it, if you choose to do something, there’ll be consequences for your action. I will probably do the same if there’s a second chance. Yes, I’m certain that I will.

I can sense someone helped along the way. I don’t really know if that was such a person. I never asked. Ain’t no one going to tell me either. But somehow I know it’s you. I could be wrong. It’s alright. I wouldn’t be survived that long if you weren’t there. You defended me. Thanks for being there.

I will never know the truth if “you” really exist. I guess it’s alright. I don’t deserve your care anymore. You had helped enough. Thank you. I’m not entirely sure what you actually did to help. I truly have no idea at all. I should have asked. But I didn’t. It doesn’t matter anymore.

I want to tell you that you’re a good person. I also want to tell you it means a lot for lending a hand to those in need. You’re righteous and respectful. You try to help someone you barely know. I’m sure you’ll be alright and loved by your friends. You deserve everything for offering your kindness to people.

There’s someone who doesn’t. I’ve made quite some enemies but that’s no one to blame but myself. They make fun of people because they think they’re better. They will add oil to the fire. They want to watch you burn. They just want to see you in bad situations. They don’t want you to get out of it. They want you to suffer. It makes them “superior” to you.

If you ever find yourself in such a situation. Don’t be angry. It won’t get you anywhere. Breathe. Don’t be mad. You’re better than that. They want to “win”. Then let them, let them win if that makes them feel good. Some people don’t even know the story and they are judging already. But I don’t blame them. In my eyes, they’re the pathetic ones.

Remember, we hold no grudge. Everything ends from the moment you decided to “act”. You did what you believe was the right thing. That’s enough. Because it doesn’t matter. You know better. We move on. There’s no need to dwell on it. At least, we gotta try.

We’ll be alright. I will be alright.

We never talked. You will never know I wrote this and you don’t need to. Just like when you offer help to someone. Carry on your with life and I wish you all the best. I bet we’ll never meet again. That’s for the better.

So long, my old classmate.

This is #Day47 of #100DaysToOffload.