This is What I Have to Do

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In Year 2022, I’ll start blogging. This place is to let me writes about things that I like: Design, Typography, Web, Movies, Netflix, Video Games, Manga, Anime, Books and everything else.

Note: This site is designing and updating in the open. Everything is broken except when they’re not.

The main goal of setting up this website is to encourage myself to write more as well as to improve my English writing. What intrigues me is writing reflects the very mind of your own just as you speak through the words. To gather your thoughts and to express yourself. I think it’ll get better if I really tries. Also, this is a good opportunity to build a website from scratch and employs the techniques that I’ve learnt so far. In early next year, I’d like to write a Case Study on the so-called Web App that I’ve been working on for a while.

This blog is so bare bones that it can barely counts as a website. Most of the CSS hasn’t been written and the HTML structure aren’t even exist, yet. Designing in the open will be the way to go or I’ll never get it done.

One Step at a Time

Designing, coding for this site will be a on going progress. I’ll take my time and relax while this is not my portfolio but a place to document my thoughts. Once it’s ready I’ll be able to write things. Watching films, TV Shows and reading probably occupied most of my spare time and I’d love to write something about them too. Aside form that, writing semantic and beautiful HTML is something that I enjoy.

HTML Semantics

If you are writing HTML and you add an element, ask yourself if the element represents your intention correctly. Are you writing a paragraph? Then it makes sense to use a <p>.

— Erik Kroes, Semantics, what does it mean?

I enjoyed reading Erik Kroes’s article on semantics. I admires the very concept of using every element carefully with purpose and intention, not just for visual appeal. You made a decision of choosing an appropriate element that communicates the message of the content which also convey the idea of better writing skill. Not just the words itself but in the code as well. Maintain a clear and clean HTML structure is something everyone should consider doing whenever possible. However, not using any <div> or <span> at all is a bit too far gone if you ask me.

Future Content

There’ll be different section for the site. I’m planning to have Blog for writing things, Notes for random notes or links and Articles for a more in-depth writing. It’s a bit too soon to have it planned as I might possibly change my mind but I’d say why not?

First and foremost, Content First. It’ll mean nothing if a blog doesn’t have content. I want to focus on the writings. Everything else comes after that.

A man’s made by patience and the odds against him

— Phil Burbank, The Power of The Dog

I might not be able to write things that often but it’s worth trying. English isn’t my native tongue. I’ve troubles looking for the right words at times. But I bet you’ve to start somewhere and it’s here and now.