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After four months of writing on this blog and updating this site. I figured I do not have all the time in the world devoted to writing. So, I decided to participate in #100DaysToOffload. I want to take the challenge. To encourage myself to write more as well as to write faster.

The main purpose of setting up this site is to encourage myself to write. That’s the goal. To me, writing is a very time-consuming process. I spent most of the time thinking blog posts ideas, looking for the right words, worrying about my grammar, spelling, etc. Sometimes, it took me more than a week to finish a post. I realized this is not gonna cut it. The more I wrote, the more I felt I’ve to adjust my habit of writing.

First, I’m going to tell myself “don’t try to be a writer”. Writing your perfect blog post won’t get you any awards anyway. But instead, try to get more ideas or random thoughts organized and write them into short posts. The shorter the better. Get to the point and write it quick. Just Write It™. I suppose the only thing that stops me is laziness. I’ll have to fight against it.

I think I’ll still continue on writing longer format posts. Because that’s a fun thing to do. Writing something you’ve interested in and passionate about is somehow satisfying.

Recently, I installed NetNewsWire on macOS and iPhone. I subscribed to some bloggers. I’m intrigued to set up my first and ever RSS feed. I’ll do that even if there’s no viewership at all. And you ask why?

I’m writing to the future me. That’s the answer.

I’ll talk more about films and design in future posts. This post marks #Day1 of #100DaysToOffload. See you next time.