Privacy Policy

This site does not track, ever. I personally do not collect any personal data when you visit. I don’t know how even if I wanted to.

There is No JavaScript, No Tracking Scripts, No Cookies, No Ads run on this website. You can view this site with JavaScript disabled.

The site is using Cloudflare’s free SSL and its Analytics comes with it. But I’m pretty sure you're safe, from me.


Respecting Everyone’s Privacy

No worries. I won't be able to have access to the data or IP addresses or identify any visitors from Cloudflare’s. That being said, I can only see the web traffic requests by country and nothing more.

If you have any comments or questions about this site, you can reach me via Email: [email protected]

I respect your privacy and hope you can do the same.

You can use a VPN to hide your location if you’re so inclined. Opera offers a free built-in VPN for their browser.